Mass Times

  OLL Masses will be
  at the following times

  Weekend Masses
    5:00pm English
    7:00pm Spanish

    8:00am English
  10:30am English

  Week Day Masses
    9:00am Monday
    9:00am Tuesday
    9:00am Wednesday
    5:30pm Wednesday
    9:00am Thursday
    9:00am Friday

  Bishop Edward Rice will
  be Live Streaming
  on Sunday, March 29,
  at 9:00am.


Adoration Suspended 
until futher notice
The Chapel will be open
9:30am to Noon Mon-Fri
for individual prayer


Daily Mass Readings

Our Lady of the Lake Parish Staff

FatherDavid Hulshof, Pastor ~ 417-334-2928 ext 122

Father Joseph Kelly, Associate Pastor ~ 417-334-2928 ext 105

Deacon Daniel Vaughn

Deacon Richard Harden ~ 719-648-0100

David Wright, Parish Manager & Outreach Coordinator ~ 417-334-2928 ext 106        

Pat Hutcheson, Director of Children & Youth Ministry ~ 334-2928 ext 104

Joyce Arnold, Fundraising and Communication Coordinator ~ 417-334-2928 ext 103

Samantha Barron,  Administrative Assistant ~ 334-2928 ext 124

      Nyssa Berhorst, Social Communication & Coordinator of Spiritual Retreats ~ 417-332-2928, ext 109

Dan Bosserman, Parish Custodial Services

Mercedes Ortiz, Parish Custodial Services