Mass Times

   Remember Dispensation from
   the obligation to attend Mass
   continues until further notice.
   The decision to return is yours
   in deciding if the time is right
   for you.
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   Weekend Masses
    5:00pm English
    7:00pm Spanish

    8:00am English
  Live Streaming
  10:30am English

  Week Day Masses
    9:00am Monday
    9:00am Tuesday
  Live Streaming
    5:30pm Wednesday
    9:00am Thursday

  First Friday Mass

  First Saturday Mass

  Sacrament of

    Saturday 3:00 - 4:00pm
      in the Chapel
    Wednesday following
      5:30pm Mass
    By appointment call the
      Parish Office

   Immaculate Conception
    December 7th - 5:30pm
    December 8th
     9:00am - Noon
     7:00pm Bilingual

   Our Lady of Guadalupe
    December 12th

    7:00pm Spanish

   December 24th
    Christmas Eve Mass
    Christmas Eve Mass
     8:00pm Spanish 
    Christmas Night Mass
  December 25th
    Christmas Day Mass

  December 31st
  Mary Mother of God
  Vigil Mass 6:00pm
  January 1, 2021
  Mary Mother of God 


Following Wednesday
5:30pm Mass
in the church
Daily Mass Readings

Registration / Stewardship

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As a parishioner of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church and as a practicing Catholic, there are opportunities to fulfill the tenets of our faith. Please take the time to review the information listed below to see the many opportunities we offer as a Stewardship Parish to fulfill the obligations set forth in the Gospel to Love Jesus, Serve Jesus and Share Jesus.

This is a printable form, please complete your Registration form and return it to the parish office. You may place it in a envelope and drop it in the weekend collection, mail or drop it by the parish office: 203 Vaughn Drive, Brabson, MO 65616. If you have any questions please contact Joyce Arnold 417-334-2928 or

The Ministry area may be reviewed at a later date after you become familiar with the parish ministries and activities. The Parish Ministry Handbook is available on line.  

gift treasure
ONLINE Giving… Thank You for using Faith Direct Online Giving. Parishioners who use the service are pleased with how easy it is to set up and manage. If you have not yet signed up for Faith Direct, please consider this option. This is a perfect tool for anyone who shops online! By using Faith Direct you are helping the parish improve our operational efficiency. Thank You! Father Rick

For information on setting up weekly or monthly Faith Direct deposit online visit: or call Toll Free: 566-507-8758, our parish code is MO447. Your financial information will be kept confidential.

Please complete the "My Gift of Treasure" to comfirn that you are using Faith Direct or your Our Lady of the Lake collection envelopes to wrap your gift of treasure. New parishioners: Faith Direct is our online giving; your Temporary collection envelopes will be in your Welome Packet which will be mailed to you. Please use these envelopes until you receive your re-printed collection envelopes. 

Order Name Badge

The parish offers names badges to help introduce us to each other and allow visitors to know who is a parish member. Please complete the following information for your name badge. As soon as we receive the badge, you will be contaced to make arrangements for pick up.

New Parishioners should order a name badge as a gift from the parishion.

To replace a name badge the cost is $8.00.