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Welcome to Online Mass Intentions

What does it mean to have a Mass “offered” for someone?

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Mass intention (calendar) refer to the particular purpose for which a specific Mass is offered. Most commonly, a Mass is requested for the repose of the soul of someone who has died. One should never forget the infinite graces that flow from the Sacrifice of the Mass which benefit one’s soul, both for the living and the deceased.

Although the origins of the practice of offering Mass intentions date to the early Church, we still recognize its importance today. To have a Mass offered on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary or special need is appropriate, beneficial and appreciated. 

Daily and Sunday Mass intentions to be offered here at Our Lady of the Lake are available, and there are many weekday intentions open for this year. If you would like to remember a loved one in this way, check the On Line Mass Intentions or stop by the Parish Office for more information.

Why reserve a Mass Intention?    The reasoning behind Mass Intentions.

Q & A

How to Schedule Mass Intention Online?

  • Go to the Online Mass Intentions Calendar.  
    For each intension, select an available Mass time (teal color). Add the name of the person who the intention is for.Select the occasion from the dropdown box to the right.

    Deceased   /   Living   /   Birthday   /   Anniversary
    Health & Healing   /   In Thanksgiving
    Living & Deceased

If needed, add a note. Check out examples here.

  • Add to Cart, chose additional Mass Intentions or Proceed to Checkout. You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Do I have to leave a note?  No. You may leave it blank.
  • How do I indicate that my Mass intention is a 10th anniversary of death or 1st wedding anniversary? First, select the occasion from dropdown box to the right. 
    Next, in the “Notes” section simply type “10th Anniversary”  or “1st Anniversary”. 
    Check out examples here.    
  • How many Mass intentions do you accept per Mass?
    Traditionally, at Our Lady of the Lake, we accept one intention per Mass 
    Two or three first names of the same family may be requested — sample Jim, Paul & Jane Davis or Don & Nancy Smith
    Living & Deceased family name — sample Living and/or Deceased Members of the Hunt Family or Scott & Smith Families
  • An individual requesting several Masses for the same or different people should be spaced out on different months and Mass times, not scheduled consecutive weekends of the same Mass time weekend after weekend.
  • We invite our visitors to request Mass Intentions and suggest weekday Mass times unless they are attending the requested weekend Mass.
  • On First Friday the Mass intention is for Our Deceased Loved Ones. There is no suggested donation to have a family member or friend’s name added to the First Friday Mass Intention, but you will need to call the parish office no later than the Wednesday before First Friday Mass to have your loved one’s name added, 417-334-2928.
  • Can I still get a physical Mass card?
    Yes. To receive a physical Mass card your parish office staff will mail the Mass card to the address indicated by you In “Notes”.
  • Can I pick up the card the same day?
    Yes. If you order the card and arrive before the parish office closes at 3:00pm, we can leave it for you for in the parish office pick-up box.
  • How do I make my donation online?
    Currently, you can only use a credit card to donate online. If you wish to use a check or cash, you will need to call or stop by the parish office to arrange your Mass Intention.


Online Mass Intention Calendar

Online Mass Intentions are offered 24/7. If you need assistance with the Online scheduling you may call the Parish Office 417-334-2928 Monday through Friday 9:30am to 3:00pm. Or, you are welcome to stop by the Parish Office to reserve your Mass Intention.

Weekend Masses need to be scheduled by Wednesday 3:00pm, Daily Masses will need  three day lead time to allow for processing.

Check the Online Mass Intention Calendar to reserve your date  Intention Available   Intention Unavailable

Flowers for the Gathering Space table are available for a $25.00 donation and may be reserved through the parish office 417-334-2928. The cut flowers are displayed Friday or Saturday morning continuing into the following week. Please reserve your flower date by Wednesday 3:00pm or earlier to allow for a personalized card to be created. 

When you have completed your selection and closed your shopping cart, you will receive an email stating we have received your request. Once your date has been approved, you will receive an email receipt. By checking the reminder box in the shopping cart, an email reminder with be sent to you prior to the Mass Intention date.