Mass Times

  OLL Masses will be
  at the following times

  Weekend Masses
    5:00pm English
    7:00pm Spanish

    8:00am English
  10:30am English

  Week Day Masses
    9:00am Monday
    9:00am Tuesday
    9:00am Wednesday
    5:30pm Wednesday
    9:00am Thursday
    9:00am Friday

  Bishop Edward Rice will
  be Live Streaming
  on Sunday, March 29,
  at 9:00am.


Adoration Suspended 
until futher notice
The Chapel will be open
9:30am to Noon Mon-Fri
for individual prayer


Daily Mass Readings

Liturgical Schedule
Thanks for your good stewardship! You are truly Intentional Disciples... Blessings Prayer is 20 minutes before Mass in the Dorothy Day room. This is a group prayer and everyone is asked to join in this short prayer. Again, thanks for you stewardship of gratitude in serving the Lord by serving each other and the parish.
Altar Server Schedule