Mass Times

   Remember Dispensation from
   the obligation to attend Mass
   continues until further notice.
   The decision to return is yours
   in deciding if the time is right
   for you.
   click video for past recorded

   Weekend Masses
    5:00pm English
    7:00pm Spanish

    8:00am English
  Live Streaming
  10:30am English

  Week Day Masses
    9:00am Monday
    9:00am Tuesday
  Live Streaming
    5:30pm Wednesday
    9:00am Thursday

  First Friday Mass

  First Saturday Mass


Following Wednesday
5:30pm Mass
in the church
Daily Mass Readings

About Us

As Catholics, we represent about 5% of the total population in the heart of the Ozarks of southwest Missouri. We are about 500 active families in the center of the Bible Belt working toward becoming a stronger Stewardship Parish. Father David Hulshof is our pastor at Our Lady of the Lake in Branson and also the pastor at Our Lady of the Ozarks in Forsyth. We are joined by 1,200 to 1,500 "Parishioners-For-A-Day" in celebrating the four week-end Masses. We continually pray that our visitors may be refreshed and renewed by their time in the Ozarks.

Parishioners-For-A-Day are invited to join in all liturgical celebrations during their stay plus check out our many activities.  

Our Parish Mission

We, the parish of Our Lady of the Lake, united in baptism and empowered by the Spirit, endeavor to live our commitment to proclaim God's love by:
  • being a welcoming parish community,
  • worshipping, working, and celebrating together,
  • serving the spiritual and material needs of all,
  • spreading the Gospel through personal witness,
  • inviting each parishioner to active participation in our parish life and in surrounding communities,
  • and, through our unique call, welcoming our many visitors.   

We share our gifts and ourselves in the name of Jesus.

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