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Daily Mass Readings

Catechesis: ongoing understanding of our Faith

In case you missed or would like to review a video.

We would like to thank you for joining in celebrating Mass with us. We know some of you may not be Catholic. Live streaming is hosting Catholics, non-Catholics, seekers and those who may never attended Mass, ALL are welcome.

My friends, click for some of the most common practices and gestures used during the celebration of the Mass. These  are done with the Catholic community gathered in prayer convey the unity of the Church in its teaching and worship. 

For those who are curious about the meaning and structure of the Mass the following links may be helpful:
A Walk Through the Mass: A Step-by-Step Explanation printable PDF download

The Mass: Structure and Meaning

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Dispensation from the Obligation to Attend Holy Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation is lifted

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March 18, 2021                                                                                                                             
Feast of Saint Joseph
My Dear Friends in Christ,
Since March of 2020, the Church and the entire world has been on a road that no one has wanted to travel, yet travel we did! Along the way, we learned to navigate a pandemic. Along the Way, we learned how to Zoom, Live-stream, social distance, and wear a mask. Along the way, we had to change our normal routines and learn to adapt, re-discovering the importance of the little things such as spending time with family, reaching out through a phone call, or sharing a meal at home!
… The parking lots of local sports complexes are full. Restaurants are open. People are traveling for spring break. Now is the time to return to Mass!
… Therefore, the Dispensation from the Obligation to Attend Holy Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation is lifted as of Palm Sunday, beginning with the Vigil Mass, on March 327, 2021, with an exception for those with pre0existing conditions, those who are care-givers to the homebound, or those with serious concerns, will have a Particular Dispensation.
Father Samson's Second Sunday of Easter Homily

Today is the second Sunday of Easter and the Church invites us to celebrate the Sunday of Divine Mercy. One week ago, we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have seen that Easter is a passage from death to life and to know that death is not the end of our journey. The readings for this Sunday are about God’s mercy, the necessity for trusting faith, and our need for the forgiveness of our sins. The opening prayer addresses the Father as “God of everlasting Mercy”. We keep trying to understand this mystery to live in the light of God’s mercy.

Click to read Father Samson's entire homily.

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Divine Sunday 3:00 to 4:00pm
bulletin 04-04-20213 i trust in you
Divine Mercy Sunday

Divine Mercy Sunday is a very special Sunday when the Divine Floodgates from Heaven are wide-opened and Jesus offers us forgiveness of sins and his loving mercy.

Join Tony Melendez in the Divine Mercy Chaplet
Divine Mercy Sunday, April 11th at 3:00 ~ 4:00pm in the church.
Adoration and Confession will be available during this time.

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We would like to again thank those who continue to support the parish through ongoing contributions. Many of you are using our online Faith Direct, attending Mass and dropping your donation envelope in the basket at the door or mailing them to the Parish Office, 203 Vaughn Drive, Branson, MO 65616.

This is a blessing to the parish.

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Mass Intentions are available

Mass Intention Online scheduling is open.

Your sponsor support of the flowers in the Gathering Space is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to reserve a Mass Intention or sponsor flowers we have a NEW Mass Intention Online scheduling or contact Sam at the Parish Office 417-334-2928 or stop by the Parish Office to make arrangements.

We find not only the origins of this practice dating to the early Church but we also clearly recognize its importance. When we face the death of someone, even a person who is not Catholic, to have a Mass offered for the repose of his soul and to offer our prayers are more beneficial and comforting than any other sympathy card or bouquet of flowers. To have a Mass offered on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary or special need is appropriate, beneficial and appreciated

Why reserve a Mass Intention?
The reasoning behind Mass Intentions...

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PLEASE wear your name tag at Mass.
As we wear our  masks,
it can be difficult to “see” each other!

Remember, we are smiling behind the mask! 
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